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Fall Hike in the Mountains

I have been doing a lot of blue, grey and black colour schemes lately. Blue is on trend along with black and grey of course.

For this latest project the client had a strong brown influence. A darker brown... The dining room furniture, railings and interior doors. Now, blue complements brown very well but this client was drawn to green.

Here's how I see the colour scheme in visuals - evergreen, leather and cream.

These colours remind me of a hike in the mountains late Fall, when the colours are at their peak saturation. Maybe a light dusting of snow.

Here are three pieces of furniture from Article that illustrate the colour scheme:

When decorating with colour, you don’t have to replicate the same hue everywhere. In fact, changing the intensity and adding pattern is the goal. It creates flow while maintaining continuity.

There are lots of patterns and this is where it is important to stay within a style. If you have a colour scheme but need help selecting and sourcing the right décor for your space, reach out to me. I can source the right products to update your space with my design packages.


Article - Sofa Timber in Olio Green, Accent Chair Thetis in Charme Tan, Throw Lanna

Benjamin Moore

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