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I have mentioned in previous posts that my Oonah likes Basketball. I put a small "over the door" basketball hoop into the Game Room and it is getting bashed around. We played a bit yesterday when Wyatt showed me how flexible the rim is for slam dunks. I say that casually but he absolutely cannot reach the rim without taking a massive running leap at the door and then crash/sliding down while pulling on the rim rather than dunking.


The other aspect of putting up a net outside will be that I will play with Oonah. Proper outdoor basketball. Which I like to play…

Sigh, but my hands and nails.

The things we do for children. I will say goodbye to nice nails from mid Spring till Fall every year to make the most of this investment. When we were at ToysRUs the other day the basketballs were soo pretty. Gorgeous marble and another one was fancy sapphire blue. So many colours to add to the sport! No one will pay attention to my nails while I am dribbling one of those eye catching fireballs.

Here’s the overview:

  • Custom build my own backboard and attach a rim and net

  • Glenn will install the backboard to the exterior wall above our garage

  • Play basketball!

The Specficiations:


Now I know you are unhappy with the location – off centre of the garage! I looked into buying a portable hoop last spring when COVID initially locked us in. Nada to be found. Too late to the party. All sold out!

I even asked a neighbour up the street if she wanted to sell me her son’s hoop. I don’t like to buy anything second hand. It’s the way I was brought up – under privileged and so I compensate in my adulthood with the best, newest and most luxurious I can get. But I couldn’t get a hoop the expensive way.

I have a lot of expensive gorgeous sports gear that my children have outgrown/refused to use and it does weigh on my mind and take up space...

Sell it / hassle
Donate it / hassle and lost money

Now imagine trying to sell an assembled portable basketball hoop. Calling it portable means you can move it around your driveway. Not move it in a vehicle!! So I thought I was offering an option to my neighbour when I offered to buy her unadvertised basketball hoop. Her son is around 18 years old (maybe older). Wasn’t like I was gonna take a hoop from a 13 year old. She told me to go to Costco! I am fairly certain she likes me & that was her polite way of telling me off.

Which lead to investigating a hoop that mounts to the wall and obviously I wanted it in the centre but as you can see the design of the roof/eave does not accommodate a full sized backboard.

See, I am smart… I showed you the spec’s first. 72” is big!

There is not enough room for a 6 feet board above my garage doors.

Portable hoops don’t have as large a backboard. I am going to go as large as I can get but staying within the constraints that look good.

More on the construction next week.

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