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Environmental Textures

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Designing for a waterfront property can be very different depending on the location. Ocean vs lakes, sand vs rocky beaches all change the colour scheme and atmosphere.

Now, I know there are reflex images that come to mind when designing beachside property. Just like my post about mountain properties.

Rustic and relaxation…

But, remember I am challenging the idea that you can relax in a Modern style. My approach with designing in this environment is to go beyond the reflex colour schemes and decor.

I visited my very good friend at her ocean property and designed this colour scheme based on the location. I love the layers of green this location has. The trees, the water and even the sand has green in it. The sky is so open and allows the sun to bounce up and wash colours – lightening them. This is exactly why washed out decor is a reflex with waterfront colour schemes.

So imagine being at the beach and having a ton of light exposure all day and then returning to your abode and being able to relax physically and visually? That's what would happen when the space has saturated colours.

The waterfront environment is very much about connecting with the sand and immersing oneself in the water. Therefore:

fabrics will have texture and be tactile
patterns will be linear
furniture will have depth in colour and be full in form

So here's a quick mood board featuring modern furniture in my version of a waterfront colour scheme. I love the area rug in that wave pattern. The deep green colour of the sofa adds a lush and calming energy. The playful floor lamp and uber cool accent chair. So spiffy!

Updating properties in geographically different environments is my specialty. Connect with me.


Salt Spring Island photo - Jennifer King

Furniture - BoConcept

Paint Colours - Benjamin Moore

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