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Documenting it and designing its' delivery

I have set 5 Design Projects for my own home. Completing each project requires me to:

  • Design

  • Procure & Project Manage

  • Decorate

Completing each project is a feat in itself. While I am actually carrying out the job of Designer (and in some cases also the trade/labourer)…

I am also blogging about it. Documenting the processes that goes into the design, including the sketches, research and the materials list.
Then each blog post has to have a “banner image” for content organization and thematics.

Blogging is a job.

Creating graphics is a job.

I am Designing. Blogging. & Graphic’ing!

Editing, I am not!! LOL

I am committed to posting twice a week. I want to post about a project in succession but its not possible… I am literally waiting for paint to dry/cure before I can move on to the next part of construction.

Even after I have completed the assembly, the installation and reveal won’t happen before my posting schedule requires. This will be a recurring issue for each project as I had hoped to blog-the-process.

So if there are "other posts" in between a "step post"... it may look like I am not working on a project, but I am.

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