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Designing within my space

I have some fun tasks and two that will be long and arduous. Here's my pin board for what is ahead...


I am most looking forward to the lighting projects. I love lighting. I am grateful that my husband indulges me with lighting. I spent a fortune on lighting when we built Barnes Grange and it’s under ten years that I am changing the fixtures with his full encouragement. Maybe he likes lighting too. He lets me have full reign so maybe he likes me doing the work but enjoys the outcome…

I have some lighting fixtures in mind and approached Glenn with design directions in November but Christmas was approaching so I redirected my attention and considered new designs will be introduced in January.

I will venture out and source at the shops because so much is gained from looking at lighting. There are trends that are reflected in lighting that show up in furniture a season or two later. Let’s target mid April for Lighting completion.

Basketball Hoop

This is a deadline project. Oonahs birthday is February 3rd. Now we may not have it installed for her actual birthday but dang I am going to have it ready with a big tropical blue bow on it on the big day. It will probably rain hammers on her birthday weekend or even snow and she knows this but there is no excuse for not at least having it ready the second the weather is fantastic and opportunity to install meet.

I have already begun preliminary research on this and will post about it over January while I undertake the construction.

Dog Ramp

This is fun task but also way outside my scope. It has been on my list for years now. And my neighbours want it done too! It’s held together with spare bits and is truly unsightly. Absolutely embarrassing for an Interior Decorator to have attached to her home!!

The first dog ramp we had was nicely constructed by a handyman for our two original dogs – Yoshi and Yukon. When we brought Kuma into our fold, she decided the ramp was an ideal platform to guard our property but she was a puppy and chewed her way through the whole guard rail fence. Design for the platform will begin in May.

Glenn's Office

Glenn has mentioned his office doesn’t work for him but asked for the wine room to be updated back in September. This I don’t understand… He spends at least a couple hours per week in his office but spends no time in the wine room. Why would we focus on an underutilized room first when we can improve our current environment?

This office update will be a big long arduous task. Glenn doesn’t want to indulge in any luxuries for himself. I will have to do a proper client presentation for him so he can imagine how amazing his space can be. However, to get to that stage of impressing him… I will have to immerse myself in his creative workings so that his processes can be supported and the best functionality can be designed. Glenn’s office update will begin in the summer.

Sauna & Fitness Room

And finally, the Sauna & Fitness Room Project. Back in late November 2020, Glenn mentioned a study regarding sauna use and its amazing health benefits.

“SOLD, lets get a sauna tomorrow”.

I love Saunas, and steam rooms and relaxing. We’ve been talking about putting a hot tub in the backyard but we already have one at our rec property. Having a different form of relaxing was attractive. I started doing research and have tossed the two different types, locations within and outside our home and the whole lifestyle surrounding sauna use. This will be an epic change in our daily lives and will be used for over a decade. I want to keep with the custom aspect of our home and so this project will be a major renovation and considerable expense. I will work on this project while completing all the other projects on my list. I think Covid will impact sourcing, production and installation. But let’s target date completion for this late Fall 2021.

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