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Curating Decor to the Client

Décor is a specialty area for me. When I had my art gallery, I brought in works of art that didn’t go on the wall. I featured creations in glass, ceramic, stone, metal and wood.

Actually one of my metal artists created metal trees that hung on the wall.

As an art dealer I couldn’t only hang paintings on walls. The gallery felt barren to me. Now I know it looks uber cool to have these massive white walls with one picture up. It directs the eye to the piece being presented and lets nothing compete. I get it!

But I operated a different gallery… For starters I didn’t have white walls! I had a dark chocolate brown wall and a striking red wall to hang work on.

Also, I couldn’t stand to have so much retail space being under utilized. I started filling up the space. Building movable walls to create flow, contracting custom display stands and shelving units.

My experience with original sculptures changed how I see décor from many other interior designers. I select decoration that is curated and meaningful versus impersonal filler. Whoa! I am bold for saying that! But, hear me out...

Selecting décor for colour and style is relatively easy when the big box stores create sections and displays of matching pieces all coordinated for a Designer to swoop, scoop and fill a space.

The odd item may spark a personal connection to the client but for the most part the products will be pleasing to anyone! I think décor collected in this manner will look dated within a couple years and look like clutter.

I like a lot of the "trending generally pleasing" décor but balancing it with personal effects requires more effort. Kind of like those people who give thoughtful gifts – that’s my style.

This is where décor can be broken down further… personal and public. I think most Designers select public décor when they should spend the time to select a few personal items. But not everyone had their own gallery and developed a rolodex of art work to decorate with.

Décor is an important last step of the design process. Think décor is just for the Great Room? Allow me to present a couple other rooms where décor items are essential for making it feel personal:

  • Bedroom

  • Dining Room

  • Office

Fluffing these areas with décor that is suited to the client sends the right signals and balances energy. I know, “woo-woo” stuff.

Picking up on a clients’ appreciation for nature, certain patterns & colours, location and cultural heritage should also influence the décor.

Here's a list of the décor items for a bedroom that fall into the general pleasing category:

  • Wall colour

  • Lighting

  • Flooring

  • Drapery

  • Bed linens, pillows and throw

  • Accent chair

  • Side Table

  • Ottoman

  • Mirror

  • Blanket rack / coat rack

  • Dresser / shelving

Here's a list of décor items that are specific to the client for a bedroom:

  • Wall décor - paintings & wall sculptures

  • Feature item - cabinetry, accent wall paint & wallpaper

  • Accessories - trays, candles, organizers, makeup mirror, jewellery tray & picture frames

I designed a custom wall feature with cabinetry, vanity and lounge area for a bedroom:

Here's a quick mood board for luxury decor:

Allow PLB Interiors to personalize your space with thoughtfully curated décor. Set up a consultation.



Canvas Gallery, Galen Felde:

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