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Clour scheme is discussed at the beginning of a project because it steers the design.

Colour schemes create personality, identity and separateness. When I am creating colour schemes, obviously I look at the space but I also consider the environment and surrounding area as an influence.

When I was designing our Blacktail Lodge it was late Spring in Sun Peaks and only the very tops of the ski mountains were capped with snow. The grass had yet to grow in on the runs so there as a glacial feel to the village. I wanted to integrate that glacial texture and colour to the townhouse.

I like dark slate, deep blue, tundra brown and grey. Grounding the space in dark colours felt modern and I wanted a vastly different experience for the guests.

I know for myself, when I go on vacation, I want the most luxurious and updated space I can get. I want to relax in a new space that is the same custom quality that I have at home. Why pay to stay somewhere that isn’t as nice?

I wanted to challenge the idea that a ski resort had to be country and rustic. I understand why Country and Rustic are applied to a recreational design… a country sofa is deep and slouchy, perfect for laying back. A scuffed coffee table invites you to put your feet up. Carry that idea throughout the furnishings and its Country Style.

Sharp edges and firm upholstery make for a formal sofa. Glass table tops and sleek legs don’t encourage weight. This is a space for sitting up right.

Can you relax in Modern? I think you can. Here’s a mood board featuring a few essential items for a Mountain Update

This quick mood board is stunning. If you are looking to update your space and like what you see, contact me. I would love to hear from you.


Mountain Pic - Sun Peaks - Pixabay

Paint Colours - Benjamin Moore

Gorgeous furnishings by Once A Tree

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