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Considering wool for upholstery

Hey, I think I spotted a trend in chair legs. This one here:

There is so much I like about this chair but what first caught my eye was the leg!

The stem base with the legs sprouting out in almost a monkey paw form. So sleek. I like the large quilt pattern in felted fabric. The very narrow profile of the arms and back.

The style does sway towards Traditional which would work in my Transitional Style.

I am looking at chairs for a couple reasons: I want to update chairs in three areas of my home:

  1. Island/bar chairs

  2. Kitchen table chairs

  3. Glenn’s office

The duo Farg & Blanche that made the chair above also created these bar chairs but with a different leg.

But I started noticing that “particular leg” on tv, in other design magazines.

I don’t think my instinct would be to upholster a bar chair or kitchen chair in felted wool but maybe I should consider it. My research finds that wool maintains its shape, has a natural coating to repel liquids and has antimicrobial properties. As long as the wool is cut with another durable material that can withstand the rubs it may be a viable covering.

I am also seeing hanging chairs inside the home…I am not sure about this. I like to move furniture around and having one piece locked in a location may not be a design I could embrace. While hanging a chair on a deck is fun and something I could commit to.

This one by CB2 seems out of place for the brand. The stripe pattern looks artisanal and boho.

But wouldnt you know, when I browsed office chairs with CB2 look what came up… those legs again. And tweed (wool) upholstery.

This isn’t a chair I would sit for hours in. It is more of a chair that ones sits in while being interviewed!

I am watching for trends but will have to purchase the new kitchen table before selecting kitchen chairs.

The office chair will happen later this year.

Replacing the bar chairs hasn’t been scheduled but mine look worn. Wyatt is going through a stage where he is half sitting on the chair and leaning on two legs. I don’t imagine you could lean well on the chair above.

Sources: #plbinteriors

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