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Concept House

I have a series of posts coming up that feature a large project I took on to develop my skills with Envisioneer Cadsoft.

In this first post, I am introducing you to my very own concept called Hawthorne House and will take you through the exterior and floor plan.

I researched lot sizes and came across a blog post that suggested 70 x 70 is a better size. This is a different size from the usual demolish and rebuild lots here in Coquitlam that run 100 x 80.

Why not try it out…?

Exterior cladding has been of interest to me. There’s been some changes to the “Vancouver Special” with panels but mostly the Traditional/Craftsman continues with the hardiplank siding.

Could panels work on a Craftsman?

I dont know if I would call these panels... more like vertical planks. It is the best I had available to me with this software.

As you can see this will be a Rancher or one level house.

Another trend shift are windows...shifting all the way to the floor!! Big floor to ceiling windows. Along with divided black framed windows that create a motif. So long to the Picture Window at waist height.

I spent some time on creating an environment for this house and it looks rather lonely without a street or another house nearby. However, I managed to create different terrain, depth and elevations.

Here's a pic showcasing the floor plan. I have laid out the main floor much differently than expected. I tucked the garage off to the west side of the house. This layout would work for a corner lot or where the street has an alley.

It was fun to arrange the garage in this way as the flow from the garage to the kitchen and pantry is wonderful. Anyone who unloads groceries can appreciate this!!

All the furniture is placeholder. And I will likely rework the flow of the Master Bedroom and definitely the kitchen.

Next up is the Interior and the furniture is dreamy!


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