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Rocky Road Ice Cream

I am updating our Principal Residence. We've been in the space for 9 years today. I have already purchased some furniture and lighting. New wall colour was next on the task list. When selecting colours there are a few considerations. In my case it was: drapery, backsplash tiles, and flooring of which I am not changing. (Big "$$#* fewf" from my husband.) We spent a lot on the floors and my drapes are the most expensive frocks I have ever purchased. Get it... dresses for windows.

Counters on the other hand, will be changed next year, along with a new sink! Our Recreation Property has a full sink that fits a cookie sheet. In fact, I put in the large sink for my husband when he washes up my baking dishes.

I sourced the colour from the grout in the backsplash, the dark leaf pattern in the drapes and felt a saturated brown would help make the cream cabinets pop while not veer too far from the overall drape colour.

Gotta match the wall colour with the drapes for an elegant look. And my drapes are very much elegant. Along with acorn finials on the curtain rods, rosebud wood tie backs and crystal bauble tassels as accents... elegant.

But what I am not telling you was how much I wanted to paint the whole space blue. Then I considered doing an accent wall but with these new great rooms there's not many accent walls. And I had already wallpapered the other main wall and made it an accent. I realized I would be adding too many accent walls!

Where can I put a beautiful blue in this space? I wanted the blue to contrast with my red Kitchen Island. It would look so stellar, those two colours together! Wait a minute... maybe I could repaint my Island! I looked at my selected colours in different weather but honestly where my house is located even when its blazing sunny outside its not bright in my home! The colours had to be deep and saturated. Done! Van Deusen Blue and Rocky Road by Benjamin Moore.

Painting a Great Room and a Kitchen Island is a lot of work. Google it! There's lots of advice - prep, take your time and don’t expect to finish in a weekend.

I made a few paint bops on the ceiling. Cursed myself. I couldn’t reach some areas. I realized I make a huge mess while baking and cooking and never, ever say to myself "you're a bad chef, look at that spilled flour!". I shrug it off and let my husband mutter under his breath and clean it up. Of course, after he just ate a delicious pie / dinner / fry up, etc.!

If you are considering changing your home decor palette, wall colours or even exterior house colours, think of me as your guide on making an excellent choice. Visit my website for COLOUR CONSULT pricing.

I’m fortunate my husband will also do my paint touch ups. He was willing to do that for me. What a guy, right?! Pics of the completed space forthcoming...

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