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Cardboarding cutting is the worst!

I don’t think I posted pictures of our unsightly dog ramp and although I am hesitant to do it, I will.

Why would I share?

Well, to highlight that even Interior Designers can have problem areas in their homes.

I have to say, this area was lovely up until Kuma came into the fold. I didn’t want to rebuild when she would likely chew her way through it again.

And honestly, I was a bit overwhelmed with it all two years ago when the bulk of the damage occurred. I think this is the case with most people.

Sharing the before and after may motivate someone else to spruce up an area in their home. So here goes… eeek!

I have been in touch with my contractor and waited a little over a month before he could actually come to the site to have a look.

The next steps are sourcing the railing and a new wall dog door.

I am opting for a metal railing this time. Although Kuma hasn’t chewed on furniture for the last year, I am not taking any chances.

The platform size will increase. The ramp will be clad with roofing tiles. So clever because it is waterproof and a good tread for Kuma to pad along.

A larger dog door.

I thought cutting out a piece of cardboard the size of the hole was clever until I presented to Glenn when he suggested I do a “void cut” out.

Second time cutting - the hole was too large. We don’t want a larger hole than necessary.

Third time cutting out a hole, got the width right. Had to cut a piece to fill in the upper part. As you can see here there is too much room above Kuma's head and shoulders.

So, in this case cut three times and add a patch before actually cutting into the side of your house!!!


This project requires me to source the materials but not design. My contractor will take care of the design of my materials and the installation.

Now we wait...


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