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Boring Office Walls

What does your home office look like? Does it have a pop of colour on the wall so when you are on a zoom meeting, your back drop looks interesting?

I know that seems questionable. That the backdrop is interesting for someone else!

But I find if I make adjustments to my home, appearance or attitude after considering another persons’ perspective I am better for it.

So let’s get together CONSULTATIONS and look at your space and make some adjustments!

Here’s a quick mood board of some awesome pieces I would do for a male at 45-55 years old. Its hip with the rug, the desk is sleek and uses space efficiently and the wall art speaks

to a youthful time that tasted good.

These are all pieces from Canadian suppliers. Let’s support Canadian retailers, keep money flowing through our country and have a nice office.

I can do a DESIGNER KIT much like my condo kit where I source pieces that all work together for a quick turnaround or do a custom project where we spend a bit more time doing custom pieces similar to a DESIGNER ROOM and tailor the space and really deck it out!

What are you waiting for? Let's get started!


Desk lamp - Structube

Hanging lights - Lambert& Fils

Floor rug - Burritt Bros

Art - Canvas Gallery Heather Millar

Clock - Crate & Barrel

Chair rug - Provide Home

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