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Boho Hair Salon

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

I was tasked with designing a hair salon and couldnt wait to develop the colour scheme. This client wanted her space to be warm and inviting and was drawn to a terra cotta palette.

Here's a look at the exterior of the Salon for some context. I created this digital drawing with a Cad Soft program. Using this program allows me to quickly change out colours and rearrange walls and furniture as well as changing sizes. It is fantastic for clients to walk through and experience a space and see how it will come together.

The view as you enter the Salon

The styling chairs and nook for a nail bar. I love the free standing mirrors on quartz bases. Creates a breezy vibe while also being very stable.

A view of the waiting area with shelving for product and storage

This is the shampoo station and a table. The large cabinet in the corner houses the stacking washer and dryer.

Another view

This project was a delight to work on. I loved working with a bold colour scheme that is unique to the client.

If you would like me to design your space reach out to me!


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