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Beyond Paintings

When I operated my art gallery, I believed in more than just paintings for the walls as decoration.

I hung hand knotted rugs, metal art and wood sculptures alongside paintings.

I was asked by clients about reproductions while I was hanging original works of art on their walls:

Did I have a preference with Originals over Reproductions?
Were reproductions bad?

I don’t have a preference because every space has its own requirements. Reproductions are fantastic and offer great value while still supporting artists.

I have hung pictures in the gallery style and the formal style. I don’t understand why a grouping of pictures is called Gallery Style when that is not how most galleries exhibit works. Let’s start calling it something else!

I thought I would round up some examples of original works of art and find similar reproductions... Showcasing my ability to source works of art.

This first piece is a painting and although I have come across oil on wood panel this one is unique - It is wood, in the deepest black with texture. I came across this art exhibit at the Interior Design Show in Vancouver, September 2022. Origins – Blackened Maple available at Provide in Vancouver.

Here is a reproduction along the same idea from CB2.

Here's one by one of my favourite artists that I don’t yet own… Carole Arnston available at Van Dop Gallery. I love abstract florals. I think they have longevity over a true representation.

And a reproduction from CB2

I just quickly sourced these works and most times I am very good at finding similar matches. For these next two landscapes I took a bit of leeway. Forgive me. They are both really nice paintings though...

I was happy to see the following artist I represented in my gallery – Joyce Kamikura. Such a lovely piece. Rich in colour and depth. A strong established artist. Available at Art Works Gallery.

This landscape found at Urban Barn is such a pleasant piece. I could put this in most spaces.

Triptych by David Graff also available at Art Works

Interestingly a triptych from Urban Barn

Original work of art from Tom Burrows - highly recognizable in the Vancouver Art Scene. I have also seen these works of art in many Mosaic Show Homes. Available at Bau-Xi in Vancouver.

Sapphire reproduction available at Crate and Barrel

And finally one other comparision of Original vs Reproduction... A photograph work of art by Gillian Lindsay at Art Works. I like this one... reminds me of Takao Tanabe.

And the reproduction at Urban Barn – Deviate I. This piece is one of a pair and really looks like a scene from the cold North.

All of these original works of art are available for purchase from the galleries I have referenced. Of course reproductions also support the artist so its all good.

I can find beautiful works of art for your space. Working with the colours in your space or sourcing established artists that you want as investment pieces. Selecting art is one area that separates me from a lot of other designers. Reach out to me today.


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