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Before & After

I have refrained from posting before and after pics of my work in my Portfolio section because I just dont like the pictures. Bad lighting, untidy spaces and its the first image you see connected to my brand.

But a few people have mentioned recently that they would like to see some before and afters.

There was one space/picture that was offensive. I had it in my photo album and it just horrified me every time I saw it. After shuddering for years I deleted the image and here I am in 2023 and cant post that dreadful "Before'. Now I realize the lost opportunity to show off my very creative skills.

That was a situation where I proposed the renovation rather than the client approaching me. I created a digital drawing of the space and the client was won over by my design.

I have also failed to obtain before and after pictures because in some cases, I just do the design and the client competes the transformation. Sometimes clients send pictures as pieces trickle in or when they've painted the walls in the new colour but the space is in disarray. Those pictures arent my staged Afters.

But I do have a few images to share. I have updated my Portfolio section on my website for your review. Have a look... Before & After


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