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Always a bigger project than you expect...

When Glenn and I discussed getting a sauna, and decided on its location, I felt the project was much bigger than the 10 x 14 footprint.

We have been in the house coming on 10 years and updating the whole gym/media room is a solid plan. Here’s the overview:

Lighting must be addressed. We have outdated CFL bulbs that are just beginning to burn out. I love the thin profile of LED lights that easily replace recessed lighting.

I spent some time researching and sourcing the best ceiling fan with a light. The ceiling height is a bit of an issue but I did find a hugger of a fan (that’s a real term, by the way) and I could position the fan to be safely away from heads… but I can’t convince the client to add one!

Most of the flooring will return to a surface that mops up.

  • There are different points of view on acceptable flooring in a sauna that really comes down to usage (commercial and liability), heating (an hour a day vs. all day) and hygiene (wood has to be sanded and cleaned vs. tile which can be mopped). Tiles are the top choice for this project.

  • A rubbery surface with some flex and cushion in the gym area.

Window coverings for this space has long been on my list but I never got around to it. I am glad I didn’t as the nook will be our new sauna and we can’t have anything in there with the heat.

The universal gym has always been off set to the mirror panels and I always wanted to correct it. This will be a beast to do but changing the flooring would require moving it anyway.

I wanted only new furniture when we moved in and in some areas we accomplished that but some spaces did not require the best of the best while the kids were very young! Updating those accent chairs! Along with a cabinet under the tv and some fresh artwork.

Here is the before pics of the space - As you walk in this is the view what will be the Sauna Nook

Two other pics

I will upload some screen shots of the digital drawing to my portfolio page but here's a video that walks you through my redesign of what this space will be!!!

I am refining the Materials List and scheduling the project. Stay tuned for more.


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