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A whole new colour - Nope!

I think I mentioned that when I walked my daughter through her brothers updated space she wanted her room updated too. I think I also mentioned I just redid her room not two years ago.

I replaced her ceiling fixtures a couple months ago but didn’t share. I am doing that kind of stuff all the time. Little changes.

Then she asked again last weekend – could we do a different wall colour?

Ok, over Christmas, we’ll do it.

Then I was in her room alone and I decided her room did need a touch up and maybe more than just paint…

So I banged off a quick mood board of what I would change and walked her through it when she came home from school

…I suggested a lovely off white for some of the walls – the whole room is a stormy purple. The white would lighten it up. I could update her headboard, a gallery wall to display her art, touch up the paint on her dresser. A new bedside table lamp.

When I ran my idea by her, she informed me she still wants the whole room dark but a new very dark green. Of which she pulled out a sample from my paint swatch.

And I was like – NOPE!

We had a moment of looking at each other…

… I said, “let’s think about it. Nothing is set in stone on my part” (it absolutely was!!!).

Let me tell you why! The colour she chose is gorgeous and I love it but it’s a different vibe and décor style.

Funny how a colour resonates a vibe and décor style, right?

But it is true and I would have to remove so many of the little touches that I just styled two’ish years ago. I would also have to replace several furniture pieces for because of the colour scheme and style.

I banged off a mood board to show her what items work with that wall colour and presented it to her. Here’s what I quickly rounded up – See if you agree with me?

Thankfully she liked what I presented and agreed to wait.

I am available for room updates, whole house renovations and simple paint colour schemes. Reach out to me!

Sources for new items:

Benjamin Moore Paint

Pottery Barn Desk & Bed

Wayfair Dresser

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