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A Fresh Start

A good friend of mine and her family is moving to Vancouver Island. Actually she is my "Bestie". They are starting fresh in a new home along with new furniture. I offered her a design package for her living room and a few things for her dining room.

Victoria doesn’t have all the same suppliers we are fortunate to have on the mainland. The specified items in this design brief are curated based on the location. Some smaller items are from the lower mainland which wont be an issue because I know she can pick them up when she visits me.

Pine lighting in Victoria has a large catalogue of items and I have purchased from the location here on the mainland. A great resource.

The large sectional – Antionio is from Urban Barn. One of the features of this sofa is that there are many fabric options. I have suggested a fabric swatch in Campbell Cream. A beige…

I like the warm colours I see trending and I have specified it on several projects.

I think the “grey scheme” or greige had such a lengthy presence because it was different from “builders beige”. If a design had black, white and grey it was designer. The grey trend has been around for a long time, since 2010 at least.

Where am I seeing the trend to warm? In the wood category - woods are blonde. Flooring has lightened up. Case goods like coffee tables, consoles and tables are in oak.

Rattan is another light and warmer colour. Yes, it is mixed with black on some pieces.

Green goes really well with a warm colour scheme. I actually have suggested a green palette to this friend before. I don’t know if she has picked up on it.

Green is also the colour for 2022. I think it will be around for a while just like Blue was a popular colour choice for the last 5 years.

This design package included a colour scheme (green and neutral), sourced and specified furniture, wall art, décor, window coverings and area rug for $2500. Details such as the price, items numbers and suppliers are provided so the client can purchase independently.

I have trade accounts with most suppliers and extend my discount to clients for the specified items. The savings usually amount to my design fees.

A $300 consultation is completed first to view the space, determine style direction and outline preferences.

Connect with me and lets start the process for you!


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