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Too much light!

There is so much development happening in Coquitlam. Although there are a lot of Condominiums being built there is a higher proportion of townhouses being built. My series of posts are about the surrounding areas influencing colour schemes.

How the mountains can restrict light
How the water can reflect light

And then being up on the 25th floor can have light challenges. Here in Coquitlam, there is some planning to put towers closer together and increase density but there is still significant space around each tower to allow unobstructed light to penetrate.

Whereas in Downtown Vancouver, there are more high-rise buildings competing and blocking light.

There is a trend towards white countertops and I love them. They are ideal for presenting food. The white looks clean. But then any crumb or smear is highly visible. White counters also reflect a lot of light.

Condo developers use white to make the space look bright and appear larger. And I am the first one to be attracted to a showroom dressed in white.

White should be placed where it can be most effective. I fully endorse a white countertop providing there is colour all around it. I am bringing up the colour of the countertop for reason:

A condo layout always has a great room layout which means the counter is front and centre.

And if the countertop is white, and the floor to ceiling windows frames are white and then windows let in a penetrating amount of light… well… its harsh on the eyes. look at this image from Ledingham McAllister.

This is a beautiful space, but the white is bouncing off from vertical and horizontal surfaces. Colour can be brought into the furnishings as you can see they did. The foundation and fixtures need colour too. Especially in a high-rise Condo, coloured kitchen cabinetry would have been a better choice.

Here’s my colour scheme to relax the eye…

These are gorgeous colours. The blue is the dark moody Metro Vancouver vibe, the brown for an organic feel, which you need at the 25th floor, and some accent light gold.

Here's my quick mood board if you want a high end update for your hi rise condo:

I would love to update your space, lets get started today! Email...


Coquitlam Tower Pic – Shutterstock – EB Adventure Photography

Condo Pic – Ledingham Mcallister – Highpoint


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