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The floor isnt LAVA

I like to change up our furniture layout frequently. Sometimes as much as once a month. For various reasons: to accommodate a tree over the holidays, a party that requires seating for conversation, making room for a dance floor but mostly because I like to change the flow.

It does ensure that my floors are very thoroughly cleaned. I will shampoo the rugs first before rearranging the furniture. I also have a large Akita Inu (I used to have 3 dogs at one time!!!) and although Kuma is rarely inside during the day, she makes herself known with all her fur rolling and gathering other loose fur, making tumblefurs all over the place.

With changing the layout, my lighting is affected but I always have four lights placed in the corners. I like the light balanced in a space. I have two floor lamps and two table lamps that I switch around too. Floor lamps by the sofas and table lamps under the tv. Then next time, its floor lamps on the East side of the room and table lamps on the West side. My Residence is nicely balanced with lighting while my Recreation Property lighting has not been solved. But that is another post in late August 2020. And I will also discuss my new incoming lighting when they finally come in which may be September 2020.

Moving furniture around in every imagineable layout eventually leads to evaluating if I still like my furniture. Insert another exasperated sigh from my husband – “No, Pamela we are not buying new sofas!”. Reluctantly I will settle for the accent chairs where I can make the most update for a reasonable budget.

While researching new accent chairs I had to consider the lines of furniture. Traditional furniture has curved lines, rounded edges and details like tufting and nail heads. My two accent chairs literally had all of those Traditional elements. Bingo, I have Traditional Style down! Here’s what I had…

But I want to update with Modern so I have to marry it with my “existing cant change stuff that I love”! This will give me that Transitional Style.

The items that are Traditional in my Great Room and I don’t want to change are: my wallpaper. Wait, before I go any further, there are some people that assume all Wallpaper is Traditional and I want to correct you that is not the case today. Please refer to these outstanding Wallpaper suppliers and catch my vibe!

Back to my list of what I can’t / don’t want to change about my Traditional Great Room… my Jatoba hardwood floor, my drapes in classic pinch pleat and my very traditional fireplace. I love these foundation pieces and they really do set a tone for my home. They make for a comforting space and people can’t identify but comment on how homey my home is.

But I know why, I have Traditional items that speak to our grand parents generation, when we spent time with family, surrounded by love, food and good memories. I can’t change that!

But you know what is also associated with Traditional style? Brass or the colour yellow. Modern style has yellow but it is gold. This is where I cinched the Transitional style for my home. I looked for pieces that had gold, strong flat lines with sharp edges.

I also updated our coffee tables however the one featured in this pic (glass top) does not go in with the sofas in the Great Room because my son, Wyatt is currently engaged in “The Floor is LAVA” and is "furniture walking" to get the remote, pillow or blanket from another sofa. It wouldn’t make it a week.

This glass table sits protected by the chair away from Lava land and Wyatt is frequently asked to refrain from reclining on the back and arms of the chair while dangling his legs near my glass table. Why he can’t sit properly in a chair must be its’ own post! Or maybe the time I came down the stairs and saw him at 2 years old hanging from my dining room chandelier.

If you are considering making some updates to your home decor and need guidance on which items to keep and what to list on Marketplace, I can help. Placing the right new furniture to sit beside existing pieces is my forte. Connect with me today and lets set up a consultation where we can find your new comfy.


Pier 1 Chair (no longer available and business has closed)

Crown Wallpaper – Tower Go Gilded Grand

Ralph chair from Muse & Merchant, Maverick accent table from Urban Barn, Bud Vase from Rachelle Chinnery.

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