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Step 1

The first step of any project requires a Client Consultation that takes about two hours. It is more than enough time to discuss the scope of the project, take measurements, discuss costs and outline major design components. Especially for a small project like this. You can refer to my pricing for a consultation on my SERVICES page.

I have completed the Consultation Worksheet for a peek into the process:

I already posted background information on this project, along with a picture of the house and a digital sketch where the basketball hoop will go. That was the fun / dreamy part of this project.

Now that the project is outlined, a retainer from the client is secured for the design fee process.

The design fees cover but are not restricted to: research and design, sourcing materials, sketches and 3d drawings (if applicable), material costs and procurement options, project assembly and timelines, etc.

Stay tuned as the next post will provide insight into the Design Process.

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