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Sorta Misleading but sorta not!

My household is run by gamers all except one - me. My husband makes video games, my kids play video games and so I thought why not make a space for them to play video games on every floor?! And then, no matter where you are in my house - READY PLAYER ONE!

Just kidding! I am working away on this Hang Out Room, if you’ve been following?!

I don’t want my kids only playing video games.

In fact, I have three different games in my design that will take them off a screen and hopefully interacting very pleasantly.

One game is an over the door basketball hoop. My daughter is into basketball. This will tide her over till an outside hoop becomes available. Covid has made people buy hoops in mad numbers and because there’s less manufacturing I missed buying one. Sigh.

This little hoop will appease her and contain the throwing… to their space.

I have a large Scrabble board that will mount on the wall so will work as décor and fun!

I just thought of the books I need to place in the room – dictionary and thesaurus. They will sit on the new credenza with the skull Wyatt requested and I will use as a book end. I think that skull will last about a week before he will think it is creepy and put it in a drawer. Remember, he requested skulls! I picked up one very cheaply because I think he may even try tossing it through the basketball hoop. Sigh two!

Finally, I have a puzzle that they will tear through. It features a galaxy with all the planets. This too will be mounted and be incorporated into their décor in the nook area.

Glenn has asked for a periodic table of elements be up on the wall somewhere. I will move Oonah’s microscope to the credenza and set up a space for them to magnify and peer. I dont know where I will put a periodic table of elements. Kids versions are so hokey with primary colours. Although interesting with useful element information not at all executive in style!

I have done a little video and taken some before shots that I will upload this week.

Oonah has demanded she stay up later and we’ve been tolerating it. The room will benefit us parents too.


Walmart - basketball hoop, skull

Amazon - scrabble, puzzle

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