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Skulls and Mint

I have a very large house. It is such that I have extra rooms that aren’t used.

Well, used in an appreciative way.

One room in particular is the kids play room. Oonah is 10 and Wyatt is 8. They both have their own large rooms already with desks. They don’t play much anymore in the playroom.

The play room was meant to be for my third child. I tried wholeheartedly for a third child.

I tried every Pagan, Christian, Chinese & Medical method to have all my children.

I told myself for over a decade to not get pregnant so when Glenn and I decided to try for children I knew I was going to have a lot of mental scar tissue in the way.

Before I met Glenn, I wanted to travel and work in the UK. I wanted to operate my own business. I wanted to be independent and pursue my dreams.

Dreams are realized and new ones are desired.

So back to this extra room, this play room that was set up several times for the coming third child.

This playroom today is a mess. Wyatt tears through it like a Tasmanian Devil. I kid you not. Here’s a few pictures of his chaos.

See he is wearing different outfits in each pic. Storm regularly rolled in. That pic in the upper right corner where Oonah & Wyatt are cheering over their success. They upended every bin. What you can’t see is the duplicate toy storage on the other side of the room that was also emptied.

That main picture really says it all - he is reclining in a bucket in a sea of mess plucking the guitar. He is quite happy in that arrangement.

We put pictures and text labels on each bin (visible on the red bins) to help with replacing toys. You can lead a horse to water…

I don’t clean this room. I think everybody in the family senses that it causes me great pain to spend time in there.

We gave away the crib this year. I was finally ready to part with it. Ridiculous when my last pregnancy ended (horrifically, I may add) over 4 years ago.

I set myself the goal to tackle the room. I know I need to decorate it.

The room has excellent sun light. In fact, it is the only room in my house to have direct daylight. The rest of my house is in shade. We live like mushrooms, or so says my neighbour.

I set the goal last week of cleaning up the play room. Found other things to do!

Set the goal today. I will just go in and pick up a few things and deal with it. A medium sized box punctured senselessly. Tissues, YUCK! Stuffies in large bin. Slowly I pick up things and emotions are coming up for me.

I am at a point in my life where a lot of my second set of dreams have been actualized and I am wondering what third set of dreams I should focus on.

That is ironic… third child and third phase of my life. How many more phases do I get?

I have to ask the kids what I can get rid of. Really, I have to clear it all out to let new energy come in. I am going to have to do a lot of selling… “let’s get rid of this so we can get this”. “This is such a good process, letting go of all your old stuff”. We will all do some emotion work.

It is going to be a teen hang out room. If this covid ever lets people interact again.

I have met with the clients and determined their wishes, defined what needs to be changed.

Here is my Consultation Worksheet. I have also measured and sketched out the room. I will do a formal pen and ink and digital with my design.

Wyatt suggested a fridge and skulls. Yes, and NO. Well, maybe I will put a few skulls in.

Oonah has told me the light fixtures have to go! And, very shy, hopeful… chips?! She knows I don’t like food around the house. I will accommodate it (read, plan to mitigate crumbs and food spills!). She also like mint.

Stay tuned as I document the process.

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