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Project Management

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

After the long process of designing, planning and ordering, waiting and scheduling, finally the installation begins.

I love being on site and beginning this major and final aspect of the project. Seeing the supplies arrive, overseeing the installation. Making sure it all works out. Stressful and exciting.

I have had some glitches while managing a project that caused me some stress. I have watched some Trades encounter a glitch and observed them handle it professionally and promptly.

On one project, I was having a new quartz counter top installed. The counter top “installer” also cuts the holes for the sinks and faucets so the plumber can come in after and install the sink and faucets.

I was onsite and supervising when the counter top installer checked with me on faucet hole location. I had a moment where I considered justifying the hole placement to the left or to the right of this very large sink.

Decided the best position was the straightforward middle spot!

Walked away from the Installer to allow him to work. Wasn’t gone more than a minute when it occurred to me there is a window above the sink and this new large and tall faucet was going to obstruct the window opening mechanism. I ran back to the kitchen and the hole /cut was made.


We solved the problem by off setting the faucet and used the first hole for a pump dish soap dispenser.

Another time, I was onsite while an electrician accidently hit a sprinkler line. Water started spraying fast and accumulated to cause significant damage in two rooms and the ceiling on the floor below.

I had already mapped out the work that was scheduled after the electrician so I made adjustments and restored the space with a small delay.

Mistakes happen.

Less mistakes happen when there is a Project Manager onsite to ensure the correct parts are delivered, installed correctly and available to resolve mistakes.

Let's set up a consultation today for your next renovation project.

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