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Original vs Reproductions

In terms of art work, which one goes where?

I was an Art Dealer before my current profession as an Interior Decorator. I sold original works of art. Paintings, sculptures and furniture. I had a shop in Kerrisdale and then I moved to a space on Granville Street that was tucked in the middle of Gallery Row in Vancouver.

Here's a pic of the Kerrisdale location

I loved selling art. Adding art to a space was like embellishing a space with creative ideas caught with paint, glass, ceramic, wood and metal. It was also another sign, I should be an Interior Decorator.

As you can see with the pics below, I loved to bring all sorts of art together.

Displaying many pieces, with varying subject matter and forms of art is a Traditional style compared to the Modern Style where one or two pieces are strategically placed, often large and commanding with colours and composition.

It sure brings back memories looking at those lovely works. I miss them but they found good homes. Each item has a story and I remember placing them lovingly around the gallery.

I also offered and sold reproductions. Giclees are the common reproduction for paintings (a copy of a painting is printed on paper) produced from high quality ink jets, usually smaller print numbers, signed and numbered by the artist.

I have original works of art in my home and I have reproductions. Just like there is a time and place for expensive rugs there is a time and place for original works of art. When I no longer have kids spilling pop and a large dog shaking off a wet walk, I will invest in more expensive rugs.

I have original works of art throughout my homes but I have reproductions in my bathrooms. I wouldn’t put an expensive work of art in a bathroom because of water damage from condensation, splashing and the “other stuff that happens” in a bathroom. I want to be able to wipe clean all surfaces including the stuff on the walls.

When I purchase an original work of art I am buying it because I want to enjoy it for a life time. I also hope, deep down, that some of those works may be worth a significant amount of money in 50 years. Looking after them by keeping them undisturbed and clean is paramount.

Paintings come in acrylic, oils (less used today) and watercolours to name a few types of media. There are inexpensive original works of art in all those types of media, usually only watercolours are mounted under glass. Glass is an ideal wipeable surface.

Watercolours are generally painted on special watercolour paper. Moisture will get to the paper and it will yellow and the work of art won’t look clean and or fresh in a couple years if its kept in a moist environment.

I actually sold (and purchased) art by Edmonton artist Paddy Lamb and I think he used all media and painted on a translucent plastic type paper like vellum which he mounted under glass. So, anything goes. But I don’t display his work in the bathroom. Plastic paper or not!

I recently purchased a picture for my Powder Room by an artist from Victoria, Andrea Soos who is collaborating with Urban Barn.

Purchasing from a retailer that is Canadian and supporting artists that are local to BC is an excellent thing to do. Supporting your local Interior Decorator is even better! I can provide direction with selecting the right art work for your home. Whether it is original or reproductions. Connect with me CONTACT and we can start sourcing the perfect piece of art!

I want to give a shout out to a couple artists whose work is referenced or depicted above and continue to work on their craft today:

Tatjana Mirkov-Popovicki!

Paddy Lamb


Lambert’s Gallery & Shop 2003 – 2007

Tatjana Mirkov-Popovicki

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