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Women and men don’t agree on sofas. Maybe its like clothes, with women and men.

Women will buy pants without pockets and shoes that hurt, because they look fabulous.

Men will not buy shoes that hurt no matter how awesome they look. Men will not buy pants without pockets no matter how slimming they are! They will not do it.

Women will buy furniture because it looks fabulous even if it’s a little uncomfortable. Wait… I said uncomfortable.

Really?!? We have two new chairs that look great but don’t really fit my body or any one else’s body in the household. They are too long in the seat deck. The back is set too short. There is no lumbar support. They have lots of padding but feel like a wood chair. But they look smashing.

I have convinced my husband to go with my choice of chairs because there are two lumbering sofas that he can comfortably retire to and go nowhere near my fabulous chairs.

But he knows what’s coming. I have been suggesting, pointing out and overtly sighing that I want to change up our sofas.

He does not want to entertain my suggestions, he doesn’t like what I have pointed out and he has ignored my sighs!

Men and Women have different preferences and comfort requirements but it is possible to find a sofa that works for both. I mocked up a client worksheet :

I am having fun when I exaggerate about my new chairs. They aren’t that bad.

The sofas I have been suggesting to Glenn are La Z Boy, and a modern take on that design function by Scandinavian manufacturers. This is where Glenn and I are at a stand off -because he modifies our current sofa with pillows behind his head and uses an ottoman. That is exactly what a recliner does!

I think I just haven’t done my job here… showing him what I know is out there - sofa’s that function like a recliner but don’t look like a recliner.

This stylish loveseat recliner from King’s is a dream. It would satisfy my husbands wish to have me seated next to him. It would free up the sides of the sofa with the integrated smart tables that elevate from the side pocket. The back props up while the leg stretches out for reclined supported position. This is a winner for us.

I did see lots of sectionals that feature recliners and chaise loungers. They were enticing. I am not convinced going with two sofas anymore. Maybe a sectional should be considered.

Here’s what I am talking about by Palliser:

This one by McLearys just looks like a basic sectional but you can customize it to feature power recliners and add chaise.

Here is my hand sketch featuring a custom reclining sofa:

If you want design direction and functional pieces for your space, reach out to me today. I promise, I wont place furniture that just looks fabulous. It will be fabulously comfortable too!


PLB Interiors sketches

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