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Lovely to walk by...

My dining room table is set up to delight me. I walk by it many times a day to my office and the front door. It is also in my sightline as I come down the stairs.

It looks seasonal for Autumn but it would be way more decorated if we had guests. This is day to day, dining room table set up for me.

I just picked up these cute little ceramic pumpkins from Michaels. They are monogrammed with each family members’ initials. I have been seriously questioned by a number of guests if I made the pumpkins. I didn’t need to, Michaels did it for me!! I know it is exactly the thing I would have crafted and so that is why no one believes me.

They were inexpensive – about $7 each. Even my husband is chuffed with them. The little critters are from Michaels, too.

Those crystal candle holders are from a recent wedding anniversary. My husband inquired prior to our 17th anniversary if I would like new candle holders as a gift? I was a brat and said, NO! And then ended up buying them myself only a few days later. He can’t win!

I really like to do up a table. I love to add touches. One Christmas I made my own Christmas Crackers.

My table is set up most of the year except when I am sewing a big project.

I have many table cloths, placemats, runners & napkins. I write out name cards for my guests. I have sets of napkin rings and lots of chargers. I have two different sets of gold chargers!

We eat in the dining room from late September to May. It is carpeted and makes for a cozier space.

We have a kitchen table and some chairs on the Island. Sometimes, I refer to the kitchen table as the breakfast table because in the winter we eat there in the morning.

I change the names like I change the location of my furniture. No one in my house knows what I am talking about when I say please set the table!

I work on my kids (& Husband’s) table manners where ever we are seated but in the dining room my expectations are elevated. Spending time in the dining room provides experience with fine dining. I want my kids appreciating my meals, appreciating the luxury of relaxing during and after a meal. I want them to know the difference.

I just had my girlfriend over for a couple nights and set the table and should have taken a pic. But it was only set for five and in the table decorating world that is a wrong number. Normally three, five or seven in the design world is preferred but not in tablescaping!

That was a fantastic dinner. I honestly believe the food tasted better because of the many decorating touches supporting that meal.

Can I decorate your table? For every season? I would love that!! Call me for a CONSULTATION.

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