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Is the Gallery Wall concept still in style?

I have a "Gallery Wall" currently in my great room, lounge side. It features different media: a large original work of art on canvas, pictures of the family, ceramic paw prints of my dogs, an embroidered tapestry and wall décor items. The wall is also papered in a traditional motif. There is a lot of texture.

The "Gallery Wall" is usually a mish mash of items. Different frames, different sizes, different subject matter all together on a wall.

Not mine of course, mine has a theme and an imaginary line that carries the objects across the wall. Here’s a pic:

I think the "Gallery Wall" is used in areas where a free flowing layout allows awkward spaces to be decorated.

In the stairwell for example, where the viewpoint is different at every step. Or the wall under a staircase. Or maybe even when there is a architectural design that affects a ceiling to interfere with the wall, like that weird wall in my Game Room.

Gallery walls as a concept may have been borrowed from the old English Traditional décor style. Old country houses were jam packed with art all over the walls – generations of portraits and landscapes.

As I transition my space to a Modern style, I am evaluating the layout of art. I love the drama of a large canvas on a wall but that is out of most peoples’ price range. Pricing for art goes by the square inch.

What if the subject matter suits a smaller canvas size?

Rather than a mish mash gallery wall how about grouping similar art to occupy the space of a large canvas. Keeping it within the imaginary lines.

I created this space in CadSoft to illustrate my modern gallery layout. I am playing with the different wall textures: concrete, wood slats and grass cloth wall paper while also incorporating art work into the design.


PLB Inteiors - CadSoft Digital Drawing

ArtInteriors – Andrea Soos, Tash Damjanovic, Jennifer Harwood

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