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I’m a brat because I am updating my home and featuring it on my website

I subscribe to two interior decorating magazines: Veranda and House Beautiful.

I purchase grocery stand copies of House & Home and Style at Home.

Why I pay top price for our Canadian Magazines and not have a subscription is ridiculous!?!

It is reasonable to pay for a subscription to the US magazines. I can’t buy them here and want influence from outside my provincial world. The problem is…

I just seem to find so many discrepancies with House Beautiful these days. In particular the layouts lack function and the designs are eclectic. I have complained about eclectic styles previously.

About the layout, now I know personally that one has to move objects so they present well.

In fact, most room layouts do not photograph well. Otherwise we’d see the back of a sofa, the tops of pillows and awful lighting.

Har. I just took a pic of my Great Room and it’s the top of sofa’s and poor lighting…

When I am creating screen shots of my digital drawings. I remove walls, pull camera angles back to impossible depths and scale objects. It is cheating but it would look horrible otherwise.

So why am I grumbling about my discrepancies with the US magazines? Well, the latest issue of House Beautiful is full of owner/designer features.

It could be Covid and their designers at House Beautiful haven’t got any new material.

The other glaring difficulty I have is that I can’t tell what is being showcased in the features. That is the problem with eclectic. Competition rather than harmony. There is a lot of mashing styles and subtle colours.

Isn’t that why a Designer is hired so they can skillfully present a style, present a dominant colour scheme and make the layout functional?

The latest issue of House & Home is fantastic. Its appropriately seasonal for December. There are awesome examples on how to decorate the mantle. Maybe it just resonates because it is familiar.

But during the writing of this post the latest issue of Veranda came out and it is spectacular. It is a treasure trove of details and crafty bits that will satisfy any Designer. I will have to reach out and commend them because I want more.


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