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Hallways - emotional passage ways

My paint colour in the Hang Out Room is so beautiful. I am really loving the work I am doing. I am transitioning in style and also colour throughout my home.

When we built this house I had a very strong vision of what I wanted and it was, a TRADITIONAL style. Consistent throughout – lighting, window coverings, furniture, flooring, patterns, colours. It looked very cohesive and warm on all three floors. I should mention, red was a strong colour choice.

My desire to update was brought on with me wanting an entirely new look, MODERN. I wanted to build a new house and be the lead project manager on it. But…my husband really likes this house. He also doesn’t like to move.

This house has a phenomenal green belt for a backyard. It is a fantastic neighbourhood too. We have great neighbours who really look after their yards. So we enjoy our surroundings.

In fact, there was a design guideline for our development so all the houses look unique but related. Wallmark Homes was the builder for most of the houses in our pocket and deserve a shout out for their vision and excellent work.

But back to my house and wanting MODERN. We compromised: new furnishings, lighting, paint colours, fixtures but same address. I have been moving through areas. It started with my Great Room. Then onto this Hang Out Room. My family is really excited by the progress and new spaces are being discussed before other projects are completed.

My lighting from Structube finally came in. I ordered in June and I just installed them mid October. (My blog review for my Poetic Pieces will post in November).

Which means the Great Room project completed while work is being done on in the Hang Out Room. To have the two projects wrap up so closely when they were designed months apart is odd.

There has been a constant state of mess while I am updating. I am using the hallway and foyer to store items as their last resting space while we consider: donate/sell/garbage. We step over and look at and say our goodbyes. Our hallway is more than just a passage to another area but emotions connected to stuff we are letting go.

I am smart to do this though. Oonah is particularly difficult to part with her old belongings. She was painfully still sitting on her foam booster seat at the kitchen table till this summer.

She is 10 years old and around five feet tall. Every time I asked if we could please get rid of the booster she would wail, “No, I still need it”.

“Ok, I am just moving it to the hallway. Try being without it for a couple days”.

Then I tell them I am taking it away or doing something with it this week. It gives everybody a chance to observe it and change their minds. No one can come back at me later and say I am a meanie and throw out all their stuff.

Cause I really do throw out a lot of their stuff.

So back to the paint and modern… Here is the blue I chose to paint the walls:

My trim and doors are painted in Mistaya White and the blue walls next to it look sharp. I am enjoying bringing in this new colour to my home.

So I mentioned updating other rooms... Glenn has asked for his office to be updated. He also wants me to re-work our wine room to a basement pantry.

It will require some consideration as we have a pantry room off the kitchen already and I converted my butlers station to a upright freezer and built in custom cabinetry. So everything to prepare meals is already within the core area now.

What other storage does he want?! I think he wants to have big quantities of staples down there, which I am not a fan. I like to store money in the bank not invest in depreciating food reserves.

I also want to change our counters, our kitchen sink and the light fixtures over the Island and Kitchen Table. In fact I have a crazy long list that I can keep adding to...


Wallmark Homes


Benjamin Moore

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