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Décor Art

I’ve posted before about original art vs. reproductions. I want to speak further into this topic. There’s a place for Décor Art. I would place Décor Art in the bathroom or throughout a property used for Airbnb.

Why those spaces? Because they are public spaces. Not intimate and personal.

Yes, yes, both spaces can be intimate and personal however they are not solely inhabited by one individual.

Décor Art could be described as temporary and generally pleasing. The intention isn’t to hold on long term and the subject matter is not personal.

Colour, style and form can be captured on canvas and truly depict a feeling and time period.

2020/21 Décor Art is strongly influenced by BLACK!!

First example is from Style In Form:

Second from Urban Barn:

Third from CB2:

Selecting images to illustrate my point wasn’t digging into the bottom of the barrel. I am tuned to watch where design is headed and I tell you black is everywhere!

Yes, yes, black has always been used in art. Since cave man days! I know, but black art has never had such a strong foothold in décor like it does today.

Here’s black art work featured in the latest issue of House and Home – Canadian version for Jan/Feb 2021.

This is a nicely styled space. I love black in décor – its sleek and modern. But...

I think I would tire quickly if those black voids were on my wall in my lounge area.

I have to tell you when I went online to the House & Home site, I came across yet another image illustrating my point! There is so much black!

Selecting art work is difficult on so many levels. When I sold art, my clients would often face a dilemma whether the art should be an investment or décor?

Now that I am designing it is even more straightforward!

  • First, what you put up on your walls has to be pleasant to look at.

  • Second, how long do you want to look at it?

  • Third, the size and colours should be harmonious to the space.

  • Fourth and finally, if you want to make an investment it has to be pleasant to look at!

You’ll be staring at it for three decades at least. Here’s two examples from Heffel’s Auction House where the paintings made good investments.

This painting by Varley was purchased in 1987.

This painting by Harris was painted in 1924.

There are other factors involved if you are looking to build an art inventory. I can help you with that or I can simply find the right Décor for your space. Schedule a Consultation



Style In Form

Urban Barn


House & Home Magazine


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