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Crafting touches into every part of the table

I haven’t gone all out yet with my Christmas Dining Room Décor but I thought I would show you its in Progress Stage.

Wow, look how I matched up the taper on the table with the sconce on the wall!! Outstanding.

Things I like to do special for my table: Floral Arrangement, Crackers, Name Cards:

Aside from making the meal and desert!!!!

I will make my own Christmas Crackers this year. I have made this craft in the past and made a mistake by trying to do what is normally found in a Christmas Cracker: a paper crown, a useless trinket and joke.

In my previous cracker I put together a poorly made pipe cleaner crown, a useful tech gadget and a note.

I know exactly what to put in Wyatt’s cracker this year – a compass. I hosted a Scavenger Hunt over Halloween and decided I wanted to teach orienteering to my kids. Oonah already knew how to use a compass and actually had one on hand for the hunt but Wyatt normally follows Oonah…so was empty handed and ignorant on his team.

I have to do better with the head piece.

Jokes are fun but maybe a fortune or a prediction for next year would spice it up.

Normally I would visit a florist and make a table arrangement but that may be out this year. Using what I have from my backyard, I gathered this… I dont have a lot! I do have naturally growing Holly but the prickly variety.

I don’t have much in the way of faux berries that would suit my table décor. I may have to craft some using what I have. I found this diy Berry Décor for inspiration. It may be a fun craft to do with Oonah later. This is simply a placeholder bouquet.

I love those Christmas Tree candles.

I love to plan the meal but everyone always wants the norm. Wondering if I can add a soup to the menu. Wyatt has been going bonkers over my Pumpkin Curry & Pear soup. My tureen would look beautiful on the table.

We usually have guests and I always make place card holders. That will be another craft but maybe I will get Wyatt to help craft them. Wondering if I could craft a little house and incorporate the snap from the cracker into a chimney to make a pull/puff of smoke to come out and inside the house is the little gift.

It would certainly give me more space to tuck fun stuff in.

Those napkins are from Pier 1. I use them when we have guests but for this Christmas I will use linens. Fun to see the Family Moniker.

The house crafting idea is whirling around... will keep you posted. Oh and here's a wreath I did for our kitchen table window. Its a grape vine wreath that was painted red when I bought it. Picked up some fallen cedar branches and added my stock of red berries and a bow. The gold bird did not want to be in the picture!

Nothing but ferns in that backyard. Not much to make a bouquet from!

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