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Busy Hashtag Traffic Scene

I am back in my office with my consultation notes for the Basketball Hoop Project. It helped that I had done some research on the topic because when I measured, I knew details that would be pertinent to the design. It helps to know what the project is beforehand.

For example, consultations for a great room are usually straight forward and although there may be some issues that require design solutions, they don’t require preparation. For example:

I know sofas, window coverings, lighting, décor & flow for different activities within these types of spaces.

I can tell if the space is large and how it can be better broken into vignettes.

I can visualize what type of lighting would brighten the environment, textures that would soften and quiet the space and colours that would set the mood.

I can set a style that suits the client. I can design for living within the home!

But this project is outside the home and the object must follow standard regulations. I knew the height of the rim must be at 10 feet. I knew the bigger the backboard the better the play is – more room to take shots from the side and utilize the “box” for swooping into the net. It also feels true to the real sport when the board is full size.

I like the look of a plexiglass backboard when shopping online but it isn’t a true representation of what you actually see after its mounted on a wall. The online images of plexiglass hoops are always taken in a white environment. The hoop and “box” look defined and clean in the image.

But the reality is they are mounted to a garage and there is siding with horizontal lines and then the mounting brackets creating vertical lines when all of a sudden, it’s a hash tag busy traffic scene.

Oh dear god, can you get past the noise?!

Besides, outdoor basketball hoops in my neighbourhood have a solid white backboard. It looks clean and uniform. Fortunately, white will work with my house. I will mention the nearby basketball court in my neighbourhood is so fun with a black ground court with baby blue and pink. Awesome design!

Maybe I can chalk out these lines on my drive so we can work at our best game.

I also researched the construction of the backboard and learned I will have to use marine board and maybe double the board to create a really stable surface. Doubling up the board could help with the installation or cause issues.

The mounting of the backboard to the wall has to be considered as much as the actual board. I don’t want the mounting hardware interfering where the rim will be attached or being a visual distraction.

The edges of the board will have to be sealed with an epoxy and all paint will have to be exterior grade.

My basketball backboard will have to measure 3 feet high and 5 feet wide. It will attach at the protruding trim above the garage door and sit within the trim between the red siding and the greige shingles.

Ideally located and maximum size.

We will have to build out the mounting at the top because of the protruding trim on the bottom but I figure that will provide extra surface to better secure the whole unit.

This post was all about the research that goes into the design…

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