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Before and After

There is a lot to a Before and After picture. I think this is where I am a Dreamer, a Creative Type or Artist. I look at a space and visualize the after.

I can see if colours are wrong, where there is unbalanced weight, furniture that is too big, too many patterns jumbled together.

I can see a person in their home and see what they are attracted to but aren’t making the right decisions.

It may be the counsellor training I have to bring out their desires and let them be in their authentic space.

Yes, it will cost you to pay me to make it happen. But it is worth it. Like every other service that makes you feel great – hairdresser, physiotherapist and coach.

Seeing what is wrong is a measurable value. It means I know how to solve it. I also have the skill set to see it to completion.

Take this before and after pic of Blacktail Lodge.

It used to feel stuffy. The carpet was old and dirty. The chairs were too tall. Those blinds aren’t my favourite… they slash the view! What is with that chair in the corner. There’s no more room at the table and it’s too short to use at the bar?!

This space is dated.

Yes, the big obvious is that I replaced the furniture. I also changed the feel of the space. It is clean and modern but still warm. The floor is luxury vinyl plank (LVP). Ideal for a ski resort as it is waterproof. LVP is warmer than ceramic tile. I know you can heat under tile. You can also heat under the charcoal LVP tiles I used in the kitchen and hallway. And those tiles went over top the already installed ceramic tiles. SAVING TONS!! Tons of labour and costs to remove only to replace.

These chairs skim the table and the stools sit under the bar. Views are unobstructed.

So what? Well…

When you sit at the table and look over at the tv and fireplace you don’t have a pokey chair in your view! Oh that’s also because I raised the height of the fireplace 18 inches off the floor.


I changed everything! See if you can spot everything:

  • Lighting – chandelier

  • Paint – ceiling, walls and baseboards (new baseboards)

  • Furniture – table, chairs, bar stools, tableware and décor

  • Flooring – walnut wood plank, charcoal tile

  • Window Coverings – drapes and roller blinds

  • Details – custom ordered black baseboard heaters, black switches & outlets, thermostats

This is one room. I can transform small spaces or an entire house. PLB Interiors is your local Coquitlam Interior Decorator and Designer. I work with one room budgets $25,000 and can complete whole house projects over $250,000. I can deliver you with a Designer Home, styled just the way you dreamed of.

Show me your before and let’s get started on your after.

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Unknown member
Dec 03, 2020

Tactics are the shortcuts and skills that is developed and learned with time and experience. Tactics are good way to increace knowledge and skills. With time we learn tactics to things and they become easy.

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