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Why I didn’t source the rug in the last post. Well there’s a story to that. Because it may not be there next week and its from Walmart.

I go through rugs like I go out for dinner. I also go through dishwashers. We’ve just ordered our fifth dishwasher in 9 years. Here’s a pic of why we may go through them faster than average users. That is Wyatt sitting on the door of the dishwasher. He was inside when I went to grab my camera and when I came back this is just before he dragged the stroller into the machine. Cause its not fun enough in the dishwasher, one has to bring in toys!

You remember from my last post where I mentioned that I had 3 dogs right? Well at the time, two were aging (15 years old) and one was a puppy. So the rugs were washed and vacuumed a lot to uphold any sort of hygiene.

I once selected a beautiful rug from Burritt Bros in Vancouver just after we moved into our residence and it was stunning at over $15,000.00. I tried to sell my husband on it. Clearly, I was a burgeoning decorator. He wisely put me off my sights. He’s not right sometimes, he’s right always.

The messes my dogs and kids made on my rugs over the years… Fortunately, that is one item my husband doesn’t mind me replacing frequently. But not at $15,000. More like Walmart prices.

But there is a place and time where money should be spent on acquiring a better rug. I have sourced three different rugs from Burritt Bros and styled each one with the same coffee table and a unique floor lamp from CB2.

Coffee Table & Lighting from CB2

Rugs from Burritt Bros

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