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A design for everyone

I completed an update for my son's bedroom and it is so "pretty". But gosh he doesnt like the word "pretty" applied to his room. So it is a "pleasant" design that everyone can appreciate.

I went for a nautical theme. I get that the little bobber, flags and rope are youthful - you can still take this awesome colour scheme and use it for a home office.

My daughter is totally jealous and asked me to redo her room.

I was like, slow down... I just redesigned your room two years ago.

Her room will absolutely take her to 16 years old. At least. She is currently 12. Ah well. Maybe a little before then...

Here is the digital design:

And... tada...Completed!! I am so delighted with the wall feature. It is fabric by the way. I made my own starch and hung the fabric myself.

I am working on updating my kitchen. I know... I say this all the time... but really. I am! I ordered the new countertops, purchased the new paint, sink and faucet. It is coming... Stay tuned.


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